How To Buy Cabinet Doors Cheap

How To Buy Cabinet Doors Cheap

If you are searching for how to buy cabinet doors cheap, you probably own a home that’s a little older.  One of the best ways to remodel and add value to your home is to install new cabinet doors.  Refacing your cabinetry with new doors is much cheaper than paying to replace all of the cabinetry in your kitchen or bathroom.

Buying Cabinet Doors Cheap

Learn how to buy your cabinet doors cheap in this post.  While you might be able to get some things cheap right down the street, sometimes it’s best to go straight to the source.   This is the case in cabinet doors as the best deals and value is online.  The best cabinet door value is found when you buy direct from the manufacturer.

Shop Online

While it might seem like cabinet doors are something you run to the local hardware store or cabinetry company for, it will cost you extra.  These shops typically don’t make their own doors.  They buy them from cabinet door manufacturers which means they have to add margin to make it possible to sell them.  This margin pays for shipping to their store, sales people, office staff, warehouse staff, and all of their overhead for lights, water, and all other expenses.

Buy Manufacturer Direct

Buying your cabinet doors straight from the manufacturer online, means completely cutting the middleman and his margin out of the equation.  This is the best way to buy cheap but get the best quality!  You’ll still get the wood species you want, sizes you need, and quality that can’t be matched at the best prices.  Cabinet door manufacturers have invested in websites that make it easy to browse styles of cabinet doors.  These pages have ordering fields where you can choose your wood, list your sizes, and list your quantities of the doors you need.

Buy Unfinished Cabinet Doors

While some companies offer to stain, dye, or paint doors for you it just adds cost and there’s no guarantee that it’ll match.  If you buy your cabinet doors unfinished you’re able to match them perfectly to the rest of the cabinetry.  This saves cost and also helps prevent damage to the finish during shipping to your home.  No matter where you buy your doors shipping the doors can lead to scratches and dings.  It’s a best practice to buy them unfinished and create that prefect finish onsite.

How Manufacturers Sell Cheaper

While cheap might have a connotation of inferiority, the only thing that these online sellers of cabinet doors have cheap is the prices.  These companies use the best raw materials and high precision woodworking equipment.  This achieves the highest quality in the least time to provide the absolute best value cabinet doors anywhere.

Choose The Right Wood

If you’re looking for the lowest cost but the best quality the species of wood you choose should play a role.  While everyone might love mahogany cabinetry it isn’t cost effective.  For the cheapest high quality cabinet doors you might consider Poplar wood or Alder wood.  Both of them are lower cost options which can still take a stain, paint, or dye well.  Maple can be a little tricky to stain so it might be best for newcomers to avoid it has an option.

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