Kitchen Cabinet Remodel Guide

Kitchen Cabinet Remodel Guide

If you’re considering a kitchen cabinet remodel project you’re likely wanting to get the biggest bang for your buck.  While come custom cabinet makers will likely want you to completely redesign your cabinetry and gut your kitchen, you can completely change it’s look and style by replacing your cabinet doors.  Doing so will save you a bunch of money.

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet door make up a large portion of the surface area of your cabinetry.  The frame typically only peeks through around the doors leaving the style, shape, and color of your cabinet doors to make up most of the style of your kitchen.  If you’ve got old, broken, or outdated cabinet doors it will make your kitchen less appealing.  Refacing your cabinetry with new cabinet doors and trim updates the look without the high cost of completely new cabinetry!

Buying Cabinet Doors

The next largest cost in cabinet remodel is the cost of the new cabinet doors.  You’ve already saved at least hundreds, if not thousands, by avoiding a full cabinetry replacement.  The next biggest way to save and get the highest quality doors is to buy your cabinet doors online.  Internet savvy cabinet door manufacturers have full embraced the online market and offer direct sales to homeowners.  The savings for your cabinet door order can be up to 30% or more!

Cabinet Door Ordering Steps

It’s easy to order your cabinet doors online.  Follow these steps to save hundreds of dollars over buying your cabinet doors at a local big box retailer.

  1. Measure for your new cabinet doors. Likely you can order in similar or the same sizes.  Use our post about measuring cabinet doors to ensure you get it right.
  2. Browse the online cabinet door factory’s styles of doors. They typically have hundreds of styles and will custom make the doors in the size you need and wood you prefer.  Make sure you order matching drawer fronts to your cabinet door order.
  3. Order by listing the height, width, wood species, and quantity you need of each cabinet door. List other custom sizes to your cart separately for accurate pricing.

Cabinet Door Installation Steps

Once your order has arrived, or even in advance of it you can being preparing for your cabinet remodel.  You’ll need to remove your old doors and drawer fronts and either paint or stain the cabinets to match your new remodeled kitchen style.

  1. Remove old doors and drawer fronts when you’re ready. Your order should be shipped directly to your home so you can do this in advance or after your order arrives.
  2. Clean and prepare your cabinetry frame for the new doors. If you’re switching to concealed hinges this is a good time to fill in the screw holes.  Then stain or prime and paint your cabinetry to match your new cabinet doors.
  3. Paint or stain your cabinet doors to match the style of kitchen you’ve chosen. Typically people choose to order unfinished cabinet doors not only to save money, but so they can match stains or paint perfectly to the rest of the their project.  Make sure you also match your drawer fronts to the rest of your project.
  4. Attach the hinges and hardware to your cabinet doors and drawer fronts after they’re done drying from painting.
  5. Install your new doors into the cabinets either with the old hinges or new concealed blum type hinges. Click here for more information about how to install your cabinet doors.


Homeowner’s have a choice when it comes to cabinet remodels.  You can choose to hire in a contractor or custom cabinetry maker to do the work, or you can save a bunch of money by ordering and refacing your kitchen cabinets yourself.  Most families have a budget for home improvement, and by doing some of the work yourself your dollars can go much further.  For more information, click here for: remodeling your kitchen with unfinished cabinet doors.


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