What Are Mitered Cabinet Doors?

 What Are Mitered Cabinet Doors?

Should you be working on the construction of a new home or perhaps remodeling, either way, you will more than likely be asking the question, “What are mitered cabinet doors?” A very big part of choosing which cabinetry to go with or have installed, and which doors you should order include picking out the right style the type of wood it will be, and their construction. In this article you are going to learn more about Mitered cabinet doors and the benefits they give to you, as well as, how they are being made.

Exactly what a Mitered cabinet door is?

Mitered cabinet doors are cabinets that are assembled using five different sections of wood and having corners consisting of 450 angles in the corners. With the five different sections being a center panel, the top, bottom, and each side. The difference between Mitered cabinet doors and slab cabinet doors is that slab doors is merely a piece of wood, making Mitered doors much more superior.

How do they make Mitered cabinet doors?

The top, bottom, and the sides come together at a 45 degree angle creating the corners of the cabinet doors to be at a 900 angle. There is a grove on the inside of each sections edge that holds the cabinets center section in place. Always having an extra bit of space within the inside channel which holds the insert in place, naturally adjusting to size changes due to the variations in humidity. It is this extra space that ensures the insert is not going to press on edge sections and/or buckle.

Mitered cabinet doors are not the same as the other five-piece cabinet doors that uses the fabrication method referred to as the “cope & stick.” The cope & stick doors come together at their corners, and their center pieces lay flat on the edge fitting straight into each of the sections side.

Mitered Cabinet Doors has their benefits

The benefits of Mitered cabinet doors include durable joinery, being resistant to humidity, and having a visual appearance to them. It is these factors, and more, which produces the most popular and sought-after cabinet doors having the highest quality to be found on the market today.

Mitered Cabinet Doors and Humidity

One of the bigger benefits of the five-piece Mitered cabinet doors is that it is constructed in a way that it can hold-up well to the changes of humidity. Since cabinetry can be commonly found in a home’s kitchen and bathrooms they go through a variation on a daily basis as to the amount of water that gets in the air. There could be someone using the tub, taking a shower, or even boiling water, which is going to put more humidity into the air. Whereas, the slab cabinet doors are made of a single piece of wood and is going to temporarily absorb humidity from the air, and this will cause the wood to swell-up, and usually begin bending, drooping, and giving them a warped appearance.

Designed Durability

Furthermore, a slab door may swell-up to 3/16th of an inch. Different types of wood can swell even more than that or it could be less than that amount, that is just the average. When the size of a door size changes from the variations of the humidity is that it can cause the center of the cabinets not to correct fit together, especially during the periods when the humidity is its highest. In fact, Mitered cabinet doors are built to have the space for center panels to expand. This is because of the groves on the inside edging of the stiles and the rails being designed to be wider, as well as deeper than the panel itself, allowing for an expansion. Which means homeowners are more than likely not going to ever have to see those kinds of changes in their cabinet doors.


Choosing a mitered cabinet door design means more than having a great looking door, but also a very durable door.  The design compensates for changes in humidity where the frame or center panel insert will swell with increased levels of humidity.  This is one of the best designs of cabinet doors available on the market today.

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